Insanely Rich Retiree Dwyane Wade, 37, Thinks Milk Costs $20

Insanely Rich Retiree Dwyane Wade, 37, Thinks Milk Costs $20

Dwyane Wade knows his way around a basketball court, but he's a little lost in the dairy section.

By Jenny Berg
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Inside Gabrielle & Dwyane Wade’s Marriage

There are perks to being a former NBA all-star. Perks like... not having to worry about how much a carton of milk costs. Like Bill Gates before him, the insanely wealthy Dwyane Wade is a little rusty on the cost of everyday grocery items. And you can leave it to his wife, Gabrielle Union, to put him on blast for that. 

When she appeared on The Late Late Show, the actress shared how her hubby is adjusting to real life since hanging up his Miami Heat uniform. Union has had to help her husband get acquainted with his new normal, and that includes educating him about some slightly, well, normal things.

"He has no idea how much, like, milk cost," Union said. "He's like, 'What is that? $20?' I'm like, 'What kind of goat's blood milk are you [drinking]?" Or maybe he's drinking milk that changes with the moon phases? Pink moon milk collagen lattes from Poosh? Who's to say a man like this sticks with 2 percent? 

In the meantime, Wade definitely has talents in other areas, if you catch our drift. Watch the clip above to hear Union spill more secret details from her marriage with the possibly goat's-blood-milk-swigging man. 

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