Victoria Beckham Detoxes With Water That Claims to Transcend Science, Change With Moon Phases

Victoria Beckham Detoxes With Water That Claims to Transcend Science, Change With Moon Phases

Victoria Beckham reset her body during a weeklong detox with water whose "biophysical... quality changes depending on the moon phase." So.

By Alesandra Dubin
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham's idea of a good time does not always dovetail with what is commonly considered to be a good time. Consider that she once celebrated a birthday with a non-cake "cake" that the Internet decried as "tragic."

Now, the designer known for this kind of austerity and restraint is officially detoxing — so that can only mean taking her standard daily practices a step further. Indeed, Beckham recently participated in a week-long detox, where — she shared with her 26 million followers on Instagram — she stayed hydrated and balanced with water. But not just regular water like mere mortals drink.

No, during her stay at the luxurious German wellness retreat Lanserhof Tegernsee, Beckham drank "Mondquelle" brand water.

The brand's website is in German, but according to a translation in People, it explains that the brand bottles its water, "on full moon day directly at the source of Leonhardspfunzen, Stephanskirchen," in Germany. And it claims that "the biophysical water quality changes depending on the moon phase."  

It also includes the disclaimer that, “the views presented here go far beyond the current state of science and that classical medicine has neither accepted nor recognized the effect of bioenergetic oscillation.”

Beckham shared a no-makeup selfie, thanking the retreat for the restorative visit: “Loved staying at @lanserhof. Thank u @healingholidays and everyone who sent me their top tips on staying balanced.”

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