Yes, Anheuser-Busch IS Giving Philadelphia Free Beer: Bars Along Eagles Parade Route Comping Fans' Bud Light

Yes, Anheuser-Busch IS Giving Philadelphia Free Beer: Bars Along Eagles Parade Route Comping Fans' Bud Light

Cheers, Philly fans!

By Kristyn Pomranz

UPDATE (Feb. 8, 11:30AM ET): On Sunday, Feb. 4, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl — and Anheuser-Busch is making good on its free-beer promise. Fans can look out for free Bud Light at local bars along the Eagles' five-mile parade route in Philadelphia. But it won't be offered everywhere, and it won't be in unlimited supply, according to Philly Mag. Think one per person, 21 and up. 

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Fans in the great city of Philadelphia have handled their admittance to the Super Bowl pretty well so far. They deftly climbed up poles that police had proactively greased with Crisco as a deterrent. They drove dune buggies up the Philadelphia Art Museum stairs, a veritable Rocky on wheels. They even lit Tom Brady jerseys on fire — to keep their fellow street revelers warm in the January freeze, we’re sure. So we can’t wait to see what happens if they actually win the Super Bowl.

Lest you were worried that Philly fans would need additional fuel for their fiery fandom, they’re being promised just that: If the Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, Bud Light will give all of Philadelphia free beer. 

Here’s how this promise began: Eagles’ right tackle Lane Johnson told reporters back in August, “If we win a Super Bowl, I’m giving out beer to everybody.” People were quick to point out that the City of Brotherly Love boasts over a million residents who are 21 years of age or older… so even one three-buck beer per drinker would cost Johnson a pretty penny.

Thankfully, this is the digital age, and the fine folks at Bud Light saw a marketing opportunity. The brand tweeted, “.@LaneJohnson65 Let's make a bet. Win it all and the party is on us. Deal?”

So now that the Eagles’ Super Bowl dream has become an almost-reality, will Anheuser-Busch hold up their end of the deal? It seems so. A Bud Light spokesperson issued the following statement:

“Congrats to the Eagles on earning a trip to Super Bowl LII! We are still planning an epic celebration, but true friends of the crown never assume victory, so in the interest of not jinxing the team, we will keep our plans under wraps until the outcome of the Super Bowl is determined. We look forward to delivering on our promise and sharing a few beers with our friends in Philly should the Eagles bring home the Lombardi Trophy. Fly Eagles Fly and just this once — Philly Philly.”

(“Philly Philly” is a play on Bud Light’s latest viral catchphrase, “Dilly Dilly.”)

It’s unclear if the deal is murky because Bud Light is truly respecting the jinx, or if it’s because they haven’t figured out the logistics of giving free beer to the sixth biggest city in the U.S. Either way, it’s got us amped for a Philly victory. Not only would it be their first championship ever (we love an underdog!), but we want to see how this free beer thing shakes out. (Also: more dudes running into poles!)

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