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The Man Behind the Ken Doll

Tribble shows you how he felt about Emily and Africa getting "turnt up" and why he's confident he can get Africa.

By Tribble Reese

What's going on Bravo people! Thanks for stopping by again to check out my blog! So after this episode, I think y'all are probably now getting a feel for all of the characters; some of us more than others, but just stick around. I know that you have only seen Tribble from a surface -- "Ken doll" level -- but just hang tight, because it's about to get really good.

In the first scene of the episode, we're at Africa's birthday party just hanging out and having a good time when Emily and Alex decide to bring up their fight that started at dinner the other night. I think you guys got to see that Emily gets a weeeee bitttt "turnt up" as we like to say when she starts drinking. Trust me, I used to work at the bar with Justin, and Emily is a firecracker when she gets a little alcohol in her system. I don't think she started that fight, but she had every right to react when homegirl got in her face.


Yeah that's pretty much how I feel about the whole situation, because not only did it end the party, but it also didn't give me any time to talk to Africa, which I was really looking forward to. Ugh. . .women. Sigh.

In the next scene at the studio, I just have two things to say. One, Vawn's girl, Amaye, has a pretty amazing voice, and I was impressed with just the eight seconds I listened to her. Never been in the studio with those guys, but gonna be interested to see if they can really develop talent. And two, Vawn's boy has so much swag it's crazy. It's pretty much dripping off of him, and he is for sure a future heartbreaker. Moving on, I agree that Africa had every right to be mad at Emily. But, respect to Emily for being the bigger woman and being proactive in the situation when she reached out to Africa to apologize. I'm glad that they had this little apology brunch, because Emily is my "in" with Africa. I don't need them to be at odds.

It was interesting to see the background on Emily. Em and I have been friends for about three years now, but I have never gotten that deep in her backstory. I knew that she was adopted, but it's so fun watching her family dynamic at the dinner table. I think it's so funny hearing about her finding a Jewish boy, because my high school sweetheart was Jewish. My family gave me the same kind of hell from the other side.

OK, I have got to get a couple things off my chest for the Clemson fans. When I was shopping for jeans, Emily referred to me as THE Clemson quarterback. I was A quarterback at Clemson, and the current head coach Dabo Swinney recruited me, but I never started based on certain things that happened while I was there. Football, like everything else, has its politics, but do I regret my time at Clemson? Not one single bit! Proud to call the Tigers my Alma Mater.

Also, when I say that, "I have that confidence to pick up anyone that I want," I didn't mean for it to come off that brash, but I feel like every man should have that confidence. If you are approaching a girl in a bar, you better be thinking that there is no way that this girl is going to turn me down, and even if she does. . .who cares! There will be others. It doesn't matter if she seems "out of your league" or "too hot for me," a little confidence goes a long way, and girls can smell if you are acting reticent from a mile away. Anyways, I guess jean shopping was worth it, because I did walk away with Miss Africa's number thanks to Emily. And P.S., I am just starting to feel my legs again after trying on those jeans. I’ve heard of skinny jeans, but those were making my nuts go to heights they have never seen.


Also in this episode, you meet Justin, Emily's ex. Justin and I go way back, and he was one of my first friends when I moved to Atlanta! Got a lot more to say about him and Emily in the episodes to come so stand by. I know about pretty much every aspect of their relationship, so I will answer any questions that you may have.

Get ready for the next episode, because shit gets REAL, and you might get to see more of what goes on in my life, and not just the plastic "Ken doll."

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