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Denise Richards: Aaron and I Could Not Be Happier

Denise opens up about her big day and reveals the actual song that played as she walked down the aisle.

The Ladies Arrive for Denise Richards' Wedding

Hey Guys!

Our wedding day has finally arrived, and Aaron and I could not be happier. We have been planning on getting married for quite some time, we just kept it private. When he and I talked about me doing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we decided that when we get married if the show is wrapped it would be a private wedding and if we are in production we’ll let them film it. 

I felt in doing a show like this and opening my personal life up, it wouldn’t be authentic if I didn’t include our wedding. It is such a personal, vulnerable, intimate moment with us. We were actually trying to plan it on my mom’s birthday, July 20. There were various circumstances that changed that. So when we were able to do it, we picked the date right away! Well Aaron did according to a great numerology date, and yes it was a whirlwind in putting it together. The only person I wanted to plan our wedding was Mindy Weiss. She is the best of the best and a dear friend and is fabulous at what she does. I knew she could pull it all together, and it would be beautiful. Mindy is amazing, and she did an incredible job and added personal details that meant something to us. I love the infinity eight made of roses—it was a special touch. She found this hidden gem for our location called the Cypress Sea Cove. We quickly went to check it out and here you guys get to meet our assistant, Mikey. He’s been with us for years and is fab. We love him. I couldn’t have picked a better venue with gorgeous views of the ocean, right by the beach, and very intimate. 

Before we knew it, the day was here! As relaxed as you try to be, it still seems to turn hectic trying to get ready quickly, especially with three girls and wanting to take enough time to enjoy the moment! Aaron’s family flew in from Canada, and my dad and his fiancée were there too. I am typically very punctual, but if a girl is going to run late, I guess my own wedding was the day to do it haha. Plus we put this together so fast that at one point Aaron and I looked at each other and said, "What the hell time did we tell everyone this shin dig is??"

Here you guys get to see a close up view of my wedding dress, which was designed by the brilliant Mark Zunino. My dress was actually not a dress, it was a romper. I really wanted something relaxed, beachy, and authentic to who I am, plus felt it was more appropriate riding off after the wedding on Aaron’s motorcycle with the “Just Married” on the back, of course! And Mark did a fabulous job. Also shout out to long time crew Joanna and Carlos for glamming me! They always know how to make me feel my best and give a bit of edge! Getting ready with my girls was a special moment, and I loved seeing them in the necklaces Aaron had picked out for them. He’s so great with the girls, and they adore him.

I decided to walk down the aisle with my girls and Aaron. I wanted it to be a moment of us as a family instead of what’s traditional in having my father give me away. This is my second marriage, we're blending a family, and I wanted to honor that and make my girls feel they were also included. Walking down the aisle we wanted a song that we listen to so that when we hear it we’ll always be reminded of this beautiful moment. We went with Metallica's “Nothing Else Matters.” It must have been a licensing issue, but you heard something different on the show. That’s OK, these things happen. I wish you got to hear it, though!

The ceremony was beautiful, and my dad lighting the candle for my mom was very personal for me, because I wanted to include my father. I know my mom was there with us  and would have been so incredibly happy. What you didn’t see on the show was a dragonfly that flew around us during the whole ceremony. My friend Natalie jumped up and said, “That’s her mom!” I felt it was her too. Behind us when we were pronounced husband and wife dolphins were jumping out of the ocean. My mom loved dolphins, and I felt it was another sign from her that she was there.

We couldn’t be happier, surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones. Thank you to everyone that helped bring this wedding together so fast and go off without a hitch. It was a great day. I’m so happy the ladies were all there to share it with me!

I also want to say how grateful I am that my dad and his fiancée Deb and her daughters were there with us. A month after our wedding, my dad’s fiancée sadly passed away. It meant so much to us that they came to support and celebrate us. 

And for all you brides and grooms, there is something to be said for throwing it together quickly instead of planning a wedding for a year or two. That’s too much stress and decisions to make! Have fun...keep it about the love and the marriage.

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