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How to be a Peacemaker Like Stephanie Hollman When Your Two Friends Are Fighting

Here’s what to do if you need to be the Switzerland of your friend group like The Real Housewives of Dallas mom.

By Jen Glantz
LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond's Feud Comes to a Head

There’s nothing more awkward than when a friend is in a full-out fight with another member of your squad. The days when you all could just get along and sip mimosas (or Jesus Juice) in peace together feel like they might be over for good. The worst part of it all isn’t that your squad is suddenly broken up, it’s that you’re suddenly finding yourself in the middle of all the drama that doesn't have anything to do with you — you may feel pressure to stand up for a friend or intervene when tensions are rising (like The Real Housewives of Dallas' Stephanie Hollman does in the clip above).

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Here’s what to do the next time you need to be the Switzerland of your friend group.


Don’t Pick Either Side


Make it very clear to your friends, from the start, that you’re not going to pick sides. Their little tiff is theirs, so share with them that you plan to be hush-hush about your feelings over who you think is right and who you think is wrong. Let them know that you don’t want to be involved at all and you want to make sure that you’re staying friends with both of them, even if that means going to brunch twice on Sunday just so you can spend time with each of them every single weekend.



Make Some Anti-Gossip Rules


When you’re hanging out with each of your gal pals one-on-one, make a rule that the other friend can’t be spoken about. If anyone disregards this rule and starts blabbering on about the fight or saying mean things about the other person, they have to do something to make it up to you like buy the next round of drinks or watch your favorite show on TV next girl’s night.


Give Yourself Some Space


When your two BFFs started fighting, you probably never imagined that you’d be dragged into it and then start to resent the two of them. If you find that you’re so over being friends with them because the drama is just getting out of hand, it might be time to take a friendship break and do your own thing. Take up a new hobby, find a new group to hang out with, book a solo vacation. Do what you need to do to get some time and space away from their issues with each other that now involve you.

When you’re feeling like you just can’t take the awkwardness anymore and you’re sick of listening to both of them bash each other, it might be time for you to stage a secret intervention. Get the crew back together (without each of them knowing the other will be there) and over wine and some finger foods, see if you can get both of them talking and making some sort of peace agreement.

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