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Cary: I Feel Sorry For LeeAnne

Cary gets to the bottom of the feud between Brandi and LeeAnne and discusses her new friendship with Tiffany.

By Cary Deuber
This Is How #RHOD Does Yoga

Thank you for tuning back in this week! Here are my thoughts on this week’s Episode. I loved seeing Brandi and Stephanie packing up the kids in the car! The struggle is real! I have been there with all my kids in the car going nuts! I feel their pain! Stephanie’s family is so sweet and I loved seeing them together!  It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters!

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All Family Sized Vehicles Should Come with Xanax

I invited Tiffany to yoga to get to know her better. I want to get to know her before LeeAnne can fill her head with lies about me. Yoga is my safe place. I go there to pray, reflect and get a great workout. Tiffany is definitely right… yoga makes my man very happy at home! My naked yoga is very entertaining for him! She did a great job in the class. It is a heated and humidified class and can be very challenging to make it through and she did it!

I hope my talk at the Juice Bar with Tiffany went well. I like Tiff and am excited to make a new friend. I know she’s in a tough place friend-wise. She wants to branch out, but feels she owes a lot to LeeAnne. I know Tiffany is coming from a good place and is just trying to make peace so we can all get along. I’m just really frustrated with trying to give LeeAnne the benefit of the doubt when she is so unwilling to do that with me. I’m not sure why LeeAnne is on the war path for me?!? As far as I know, I have never done anything to that woman! I don't even know her that well and she doesn’t seem to know me! She is always complaining that people judge her before they get to know her. Well guess what, why don’t you make an effort to get to know me instead of just trashing me!

Forget Bless Your Heart, Brandi Tells LeeAnne She’s Full of Sh—

The cocktail party is just hard for me to watch: Brandi and Stephanie and I were having a great time. LeeAnne didn’t look like she was having fun. She was staring at us and it looked like she was scheming! She calls Brandi a “rattlesnake”; but then she’s the one that systematically bites everyone at the party; starting with me. Out of the blue, she attacked me again for no reason. I was coming over to playfully chat with her and her friend that I met a few weeks ago. And the first thing she did was to say I think she’s fake, which I never said. (Earlier in the episode it was LeeAnne that called Brandi fake.) It comes out of nowhere. And then: “I’ve got a stamp right here on my ass Made by God.. F*** You!”  Okay. Good talk. I’m outta here.

The big blow up is so typical: Why does she have to be so aggressive, nasty, and offensive? I was honestly embarrassed to be around her. She literally can’t get along with any of us. Not one person! Even Tiffany! Brandi and Stephanie are so much classier. And why did she throw the wine at me?!? If anyone is trash; well, make your own conclusion…

LeeAnne Tosses Her Wine and Lets Stephanie Have It

Stephanie’s “charity world” isn't going to go down the toilet! And besides, she's got so much more going on. You honestly think that ranks up there among her priorities! LeeAnne is projecting again. I bet LeeAnne is worried about her world going down the toilet. She’s the one who cares so much about what people think, who gives her respect and how she’s perceived. It’s all she’s got. I actually feel sorry for her!

Here’s how I sum it all up: Brandi gets under LeeAnne’s skin. Then LeeAnne starts attacking and hating on me and Stephanie because we are trying to stand up and support our friend instead of taking her side. She’s basically saying we’re in the wrong because we’re supporting our friend. But then in the preview of the next episode, LeeAnne is seen attacking HER OWN FRIEND Tiffany, accusing her of not having her back. Wow! Seems hypocritical to me, don’t you think?!?

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