S1 - E3

Fashion Week

Jill takes Allyson on a tiring back-to-school shopping trip at an expensive Manhattan boutique, where she notes that it costs "$1 million dollars" to raise a child in the city. LuAnn and Jill take their daughters to a Seventeen Magazine party so that Victoria can spend some time with Allyson, as they attend the same school. Ramona attends a Fashion Week show, where she bumps into Jill. Tensions rise when Jill realizes that Ramona is seated in the front row and she isn't, so she decides to leave the event. Ramona's daughter Avery is interested in getting into acting, so Ramona takes her to a prestigious modeling agency to see if they will work with her. The agency decides to send her out on shoots as they think she has "great potential," but Ramona and Mario are concerned that it might take away from her schooling. Alex discusses how she and Simon first met and her thoughts on appropriate child-rearing techniques for their children. Her son Francois is getting ready to go to pre-k, so she and Simon go school shopping for a new backpack. Jill, Bethenny and Brad, Jill's "gay husband," go out on shopping trip, but Bethenny is embarrassed by Brad's "over-the-top" behavior. Also, Jill meets her mother for another day of shopping and discusses her problems with Ramona. Her mother gives her a hard time about her clothing choices as she models them for her, but Jill just says it is just "constructive criticism." LuAnn and Ramona go to an Alice & Olivia fashion show, where Ramona states loudly that "models don't use their brains," embarrassing LuAnn, who is a former model herself.

Aired: 03/18/2008
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