S1 - E2

The Hamptons

Jill and Allyson head to the detox center in Martha's Vineyard. Bobby decides to come along for moral support, which makes Jill extremely happy. Jill finds it hard to leave Allyson there, but is pleased when she returns 11 pounds thinner and much healthier. Ramona gets ready for a fashion show in the Hamptons, and Mario and Avery help her find an "appropriate" outfit. Avery insists on a more "modest" looking choice, but Ramona sneaks out of the house with a forbidden top to change into. After she sees a young girl flirting with him, Ramona notices that Mario isn't wearing his wedding ring at the party. LuAnn's daughter Victoria, an accomplished equestrian, competes in the prestigious Hamptons Classic. Ramona brings her daughter Avery to the horse show, and they bump into Jill, who has also come to cheer on Victoria. Bethenny meets with fashion designer Ginny Hilfiger who is dressing her for Jason's sister's charity event, where she is auctioning off a personal cooking lesson. She has a meeting with her friend Jake, to discuss her business plans and how she wants to build her brand to become the next Martha Stewart. Back in the Hamptons, feelings and egos are bruised when Ramona throws a cooking party for several ladies and invites LuAnn but not Jill. Jill invites LuAnn to be her doubles partner in her big tennis match against Ramona at the end of the summer, and things get heated as they duke it out on the tennis court, leaving spectators to wonder if there was something more going on than just a friendly match.

Aired: 03/11/2008
TV-14 |