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Meet the Wives

In the first episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona gets ready to go to the Hamptons for the summer with her daughter Avery, who thinks her mother should dress "more conservatively." At a pool party with her friends, Ramona "embarrasses" Avery by how she acts around her friends. Jill's daughter Allyson wants to go to a swanky detox center in Martha's Vineyard to work on her health and fitness, so Jill convinces Bobby to hire a private plane to take them there. LuAnn packs up her family and moves into their Hamptons home for the summer, with help from Rosanna, their housekeeper. They buy son Noel a puppy, but Rosanna is afraid that she will be the one who ends up taking care of it. Bethenny works on building her career, but is really focused on settling down with her boyfriend Jason. She wants to get married and have a child, but is afraid that Jason doesn't want the same things as he already has three children. Alex and Simon head to St. Barts for summer vacation, bypassing the Hamptons because vacationing there is "too much like work." They leave the kids home with their Au Pair and go on a glamorous shopping spree at Roberto Cavalli.

Aired: 03/04/2008
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