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Love Kristen Tender

Kristen talks how the show has helped her marriage and what she thinks of Sonja and Harry's relationship.

By Kristen Taekman

When your husband agrees to therapy it's time! The "mediator's" office for real looked like a lawyers office. I thought I was getting tricked into just signing! JK!

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I wore my "LOVE ME TENDER" sweatshirt in case Josh needed a cheat sheet. Elvis is always with me supporting me -- always!

I felt that the therapist was great. He saw both of our sides and really offered some great advice. I find therapy is always great. It's an eye opener, that's for sure. It makes you stop, step back, and reassess whats really important in your life and your relationships. It brings you back to the roots, foundation, and core of what's really important and what really matters.

A lot of people think that Reality TV shows are not always the best for couples -- but, in Josh and my case, it's been the best thing for us. How often do you get a bird's eye view on your relationship? Imagine seeing both side of a fight? What you look and sound like when you are really mad at your partner or vice versa? Josh and I know what we need to work on and we are working out it. Our problem is communication, obviously, along with, well, life. It gets in the way. Having two small kids, work, the hustle bustle of NYC, and everything in between is just overall very hard to manage. We do our best to acknowledge our issues. It's easy to sweat the small stuff and forget about the big picture and what it takes to be a TEAM. But everyday we grow and learn, and we really are a great team. You don't get to see all the fun and laughter and teamwork we have the other 167 hours a week.

Carole's 50th Birthday party: The theme was Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The book was written in the mid 1990s with a great movie to follow. Leave it to Carole to have a super cool theme. Carole and Heather really were thoughtful with all wonderful details. Heather always goes above and beyond to make it special and organized to a T -- because she is a BOSS. . .in a very good way! I mean, for real, did you pick up on the amazing statue, the man walking the invisible dog, and the Savannah moss. Detail, detail detail! She asked us all to dress in black or white depending on if we felt good or evil.

Josh and I were feeling evil so we went all black. Heather's friend and make up artist made my amazing feather and butterfly fascinator. He also made the girls' eye masks, which turned out so cool

The party was so much fun the only sad part was hearing about Lu and Jacques breaking up. But on the bright side Harry and Sonja? Really is this really happening? Honestly, I love them together. Can’t wait to see what happens!


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