Sonja: We Definitely Have a Few Cougars in the Bunch

Sonja: We Definitely Have a Few Cougars in the Bunch

Sonja talks about who in the group is happy to be single and who isn't.

I’m glad that I got to take a break from being beat up on for the part of the reunion. Don’t worry, with these ladies no one can stay out of the heat for long.

We definitely all know how to have a good time, and we definitely have a few cougars in the bunch. What can I say, I guess you CAN still teach an old dog new tricks! I would say that Carole, Luann, and I are having the best time being single. But for Ramona, her single status obviously still seems very new. When she revealed the heartache and pain she felt when she walked into her own kitchen she had shared with her husband Mario for 20 years only to find an alien woman, I felt terrible. I remember the stages of remorse like it was yesterday. You all went through it with me. Now it is barely in my rear-view mirror.

You certainly understand whom your real friends are when you are going through a difficult experience. Despite the craziness these women bring to everything, I can say that I can count on most of them as true friends and that is truly a blessing. 

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