Our Very Favorite Jill Zarin Moments From RHONY

Our Very Favorite Jill Zarin Moments From RHONY

We're welcoming the return of Jill Zarin with a celebration of her greatest hits.

The Return of Jill Zarin!

Jill Zarin makes her comeback on this week's episode of RHONY. How could we forget this Jewish gem's extravagent lifestyle and hilarious quips? Let's take a look at some of Jill's most memorable Housewives moments. 

1. When she rocked a new, very versatile, accessory in Morocco.

Snakes and Venom and Wives
 “What are you scared of? It’s like wearing a belt.” Totally.

2. Before Giggy, there was a different bitch running the scene: Ginger.

Jill Gets Another Ginger
Bobby vs. Ginger: Who is Jill's true soul mate? 

3. How can we forget her exquisite Upper East Side apartment?

Welcome to Jill's Crib
The New Casa de Zarin
 Bienvenido to Casa de Zarin!

4. Remember when Bethenny told Jill to “get a hobby?”

Lost Footage
The Infamous Voicemail
 This did not go over too hot with Jill and eventually led to the downfall of this friendship.

5. Picking out her own birthday gifts…

Lost Footage
Watch Shopping
Wouldn’t we all love a Bobby in our lives?  (and a $3.7 million ring?)

6. …and receiving some surprise gifts.

Jill's Surprise Gift
 It’s not jewelry, but we think it’ll do.

7. Her book cover photoshoot.

Jill's Photo Shoot
Jill wrote Secrets of a Jewish Mother with her mom and sister. Wow, can we see (and hear) the resemblance!


Lost Footage
Rusty on Ice

That outfit is a 10.

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