The Tipsy Housewives of Bravo: The Funniest Drunken Moments

The Tipsy Housewives of Bravo: The Funniest Drunken Moments

The 'Wives love their drinks, and here's further proof!

By Gillian Horn

The Housewives are dramatic, outspoken, and emotional in their normal state. Add alcohol into the equation, and everything intensifies. Everything also becomes much funnier. The best, though, is when a 'Wife who usually handles her liquor rather well lets loose for the night. Here is a compilation of the best drunken Housewives moments out there. 

1. Luann's free fallin'

This progression of events is the gift that keeps on giving. Luann goes from slurred words, to shakin' her booty, to the ultimate drunken defeat: falling into the bushes. And then moments later, she falls again!

2. Heather 'Fancy Pants' Dubrow puts on her party pants

Apparently there is a limit to how much champs Heather can drink. 

3. Melissa Gorga's the only one drunk at dinner

"Leave her alone, she's drunk" -Joe Gorga

4. Lisa and Joanna down a bottle (or two), and turn into sex experts

Girls hanging with a bottle of wine turns into Girls Gone Wild when the singular bottle turns into three. Is that lucky or unfortunate for Roman? 

5. Drunk Brandi channels her Cowboy cheerleader days

And she sticks the landing!

6. Sonja loses another tooth

“It’s not a party unless Sonja looses a tooth, and I pee my pants and my boob comes out.” –Bethenny Frankel

7. Beverly Hills Housewives turned into gynmasts

Oh the irony that adult drinks end up bringing out the inner child. 

8. Vicki peed on Tamra's bed

Following a long night whooping it up for Tamra's bachelorette party in Mexico, Vicki may have, uh, leaked.

9. This pretty much sums it up

The OG OC squad puts it best by saying, "Oh, the joys of alcohol."
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