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Heather Explains the 'Good Day L.A.' Situation

Despite what Tamra thinks, Heather insists she had no say in getting CUT Fitness' competitor on the air.

By Heather Dubrow

I have been a guest on Good Day L.A. many times over the last 15 years. I love being there, Steve Edwards is one of the brightest, funniest, most talented guys I have ever known. We met at the wedding of a plastic surgeon who is a dear friend of Steve's and happens to be Terry's mentor, Dr. Mal Lesavoy. I was so thrilled that last summer, Good Day L.A. asked me to fill in as a co-host a couple of times.

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When it was clear that one of the regular gals on the show was going on maternity leave, there was a temporary hole to be filled. The producers thought this may be a good gig for me and decided to give me a significant try out. One of the producers is from Newport Beach and knows my world. She wanted me to do really well so I could get the job. They brought people on the show that I would be comfortable with (as they usually do with guest hosts) so I could knock it out of the park. Good Day L.A. called Fabio Viviani who I was trying to open a restaurant with (who had been on the show many times before), David Heil (clothier to the stars -- and one of my best friend's husbands) and a fitness studio that I frequented, who had also been on the show before, and that the producer has a close relationship with the fitness studio's PR person. When I heard this fitness studio was going to be on the show while I was co-hosting, I was worried. I didn't want to be disloyal to Tamra or upset her in any way. However, this was a big deal for me and I wasn't going to lose the opportunity. I assumed that honesty is the best policy and I called Tamra. I told her "This will look weird. These are people in my world and you will think this was my doing, but it's not." She was cool, until she saw the segment. Then she got very upset and I honestly didn't know how to react. I thought I had handled it appropriately.

My only recourse would have been to turn down the job, which Terry thought was the right move. I just couldn't imagine Tamra would want me to do that. So I kept the gig. Was I supposed to apologize at this point for taking the job? I thought I had done my due diligence with her.

I have to say, I LOVE being at Good Day L.A.! It's fun and casual and silly and entertaining. I was SO flattered that they asked me to be a part of the team, even if it was temporary. When they asked me to be there on a more frequent basis, they encouraged me to pitch segments that I thought would work for me on the show. Of course I pitched Terry, and then I pitched CUT Fitness. NOT because I thought I owed Tamra anything, or I had been disloyal in any way. I pitched CUT because Tamra is my friend and I wanted to promote her business. This was potentially my chance to bring people on the show! (Having said that, I pitched a bunch of other segments that never made it on the show!)

Shannon's Christmas party: I was really disappointed to see Shannon pull Tamra aside as soon as she got to the party and start taking about our lunch in such a negative way. Didn't we just agree to move on and not include the other ladies? As you can see from my conversation with Terry, I thought Shannon and I ended well and were starting fresh. Hearing Shannon say that because I'm an actress she doesn't really believe anything I say was hurtful. If I had known she felt that way, I would have skipped the party. I'm actually confused why she would want me there after hearing that.

When I arrived at Shannon's party I was happy and so excited to pull Tamra and Eddie aside and tell them I had successfully pitched a segment for them. What's better than good news on a Friday??? Good news on a Friday before a holiday!!! I thought we would be celebrating and planning the segment. I was pretty surprised by Tamra's reaction. I love and respect Tamra and Eddie. Terry and I went to the opening of CUT Fitness and took the sample classes, hung out, took pictures with people and even each signed up for one-month memberships (the maximum allowable at the time) even though we knew we lived too far away to use the gym. Just to be supportive. Even still, Tamra is entitled to her feelings, I just wish she hadn't included the rest of the girls. Once again I feel like I'm being talked about and having to come in and defend myself. It's getting exhausting.

My talk with Vicki: I was glad that Vicki could confide in me what's going on in her life. I hate to see her so upset. Of course she's right, I can't give her advice, I haven't been through these obstacles before. I was just trying to be helpful.

The debacle in the living room: First of all, Shannon and I agreed we should discuss problems right away so they wouldn't fester and become bigger issues and also so we could speak to each other without involving the other ladies. I don't think "right away" means in your living room at a holiday party when I'm in the middle of a heated conversation with Tamra.

I wasn't sure what Shannon meant about "pick a side" at that time. I have never been one to choose sides, or suggest anyone else do so. Even when Vicki and Tamra were having major issues I maintained my friendships with both of them. When I thought about it later, I think she is referring to a comment I made to Tamra that when she and I are alone we are friends and it's good -- as soon as we are around the other ladies, particularly Shannon, I didn't think Tamra was very nice to me. What I was saying is pick a lane. Be my friend at all times, or not at all. Certainly not to choose between me and Shannon. It was very uncomfortable.

Also, the phone call from my son WAS NOT FAKE. I immediately handed the phone to Terry. Do you think we had an ESP moment where he would jump on board with something like that? MY husband? The man that if I kick him under the table says, "Why are you kicking me"? Please. Didn't happen and really not my style. I'm a big girl, when I want to leave a situation I am very capable of excusing myself. As you can imagine, I was very upset when I left the party. Vicki called me that night to see if I was OK, and that was it.

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