Karen Huger Gives Her Honest and Shady Opinion of Katie Rost's Charity Event

Karen Huger Gives Her Honest and Shady Opinion of Katie Rost's Charity Event

The #RHOP grand dame has spoken.

By Laura Rosenfeld
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What Does Karen Really Think About Katie Rost's Casino Royale?

Karen Huger declined to be a part of Katie Rost's host committee as she prepared to organize a big charity event last season of The Real Housewives of Potomac. But the grand dame came out to support the alum during her Casino Royale charity event for Imagination Stage in the latest episode of RHOP. 

As someone who has organized many charity events herself in the past and who's got a reputation as Potomac's arbiter of taste, we certainly had to ask Karen what she really thought about Katie's gala. "Well, I was glad to see that it was done, first of all," Karen told Bravotv.com prior to Sunday night's episode airing. "I felt like the sign itself said it all. It looked like she took crayons and wrote the sign to welcome the guests in."

However, Karen wasn't completely shady when it came to Katie's event. "But I was glad to see it well-attended and that hopefully, some money was raised, you know, because it's a great cause that she was trying to do something good for," she said. "But yes, it wasn't my [preference], not the decorations, not the choice of venue, not any of that. No."

Karen said she didn't end up giving Katie any advice on hosting the event after her plan to have Charrisse Jackson Jordan a part of the committee didn't exactly pan out. "Certainly I wasn't going to offer advice after Katie fired Charrisse," Karen said. "Katie did this herself. That's Katie's baby. Let her have at it. Katie owned it all on this one."

But Karen said that she has tried to keep in touch with Katie otherwise. "I like Katie, and I do miss Katie," she shared. 

Gizelle Bryant, who had an interesting reaction to that Jackson 5-inspired performance at the soiree, echoed Karen's sentiment during an interview with Bravotv.com. "I actually miss Katie this season. I always felt like I was looking forward to her coming around the corner, but she never did," she said. "I have reached out to her several times, but she hasn't called me back. So I don't know. I would love to see Katie in the future." 

Relive Katie's unforgettable event, below.

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The Awkward Performance at Katie Rost's Casino Royale
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