5 Ultimate Luxury Vacay Ideas for ALL Kinds of Moms

5 Ultimate Luxury Vacay Ideas for ALL Kinds of Moms

Who's more deserving of posh, relaxing, and soul-recharging travel?

Of all the things you can give yourself or someone else — especially moms this time of year — experiences are truly the best gifts of all. And if There Goes Motherhood has taught us anything, it's that even the world's most glam moms need a break whenever they can get one. But having kids doesn't have to mean all theme park churros and obnoxious crowds all the time. No, here we present you an array of travel options for moms at all stages that follow one guiding principle: luxury all the way.

1. For the Expecting Mama's Last Trip before Kids

The expecting mom is one who often has a laundry list of aches and pains. She’s not going to go out drinking to unwind, so she instead dreams of prenatal massage treatments, the sound of waves crashing into the sand before her, and endless freshly made juices. One of the easiest vacation solutions for her is to an all-inclusive resort or another type of amenities-heavy lodging option that includes a babymoon package, like this one from Magic Cottages Takou River in New Zealand.

Mostly, just keep the key elements in mind: relaxing atmosphere (the beach is perfect, but maybe for the mom in your life, the mountains, forest, or desert is her ideal natural setting), prenatal massage availability (which many therapists specialize in, just make some calls beforehand to be sure), and freshly made juices (which are easier to come by in warmer climates).

2. For the First Trip Without the Kids

The first trip a mama takes without being on kid duty is big deal. Understandably, many moms want to take the opportunity to do some of the things they have a more difficult time doing when the kids are around: going out for a nice meal, visiting an upscale cocktail or wine bar, going to a show and staying out late. So keep these things in mind for a mom taking her first trip without the offspring in tow. Consider vibrant city destinations with plenty of entertainment and relaxation options, like Los Angeles, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Barcelona.

3. For the First Family Trip with the Kids

The first family trip with kids along for the ride could be the kind of vacation a mom needs a vacation from, so make sure to do you research well beforehand to avoid that whole mess. You could take a page out of Lydia McLaughlin’s book and take the whole family to an Italian coastal destination. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could find a high-end resort tucked into the mountains as a perfect launching point for day hikes with the family or book yourselves at a family-friendly yoga retreat if that’s your style. Or you could look to Riviera Maya, which is not only a beautiful place, but all-inclusive resorts are abundant there and many of them offer childcare services and related amenities — everything from baby food included in the bill to daycare camp for kids.

4. For an Actually Fun Trip With Teens

Everyone knows teens can be grumbly, demanding, and unimpressed. So for a mom looking to travel with teens and actually have some real fun, the solution seems obvious: a destination so wildly awesome that even those sulksters won't be able to contain their excitement. Think: Hawaii, Galapagos, Turks and Caicos, and Fiji. Look for a resort that includes teen-centric activities and food so they can spend some time on their own while still being on the grounds — and mom can take a much-needed catnap (or adult beverage) on the beach.

5. For the Empty Nester Trip

Vacationing might be bittersweet for the empty-nester mom: It wasn’t that long ago that her kids were with her for most of her travels. But now she can globe trot in a way she couldn’t as easily before and the world is her oyster! So for the empty-nester mom in your life, focus on finding a trip that caters to that newfound freedom. Perhaps it’s a lavish shopping trip to Milan, an epic scuba diving excursion, or finally getting to Brazil for Carnival. The specifics will depend on her, but the theme is the same across all types of empty-nester moms: Give her a license to travel in a way she hasn't been able to in a lonnnnng time. 

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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