Padma Lakshmi Taste Tests Kale Nachos — And the Verdict Is...

Padma Lakshmi Taste Tests Kale Nachos — And the Verdict Is...

The Bravo's Top Chef judge tried a "very L.A." kind of nacho plate — and not without some skepticism.  

By Jenny Berg
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Back in the day, before she became a mom, Padma Lakshmi had her Sunday ritual down pat. After going to the gym and taking a hot shower, the Bravo's Top Chef judge told Busy Philipps on Busy Tonight that she would spread a towel out over her bed. Then, she'd brew a pot of tea and snack all day long. Sounds like the dream, right? So, Busy decided to recreate the lazy, yummy days then and there — using one of Padma's favorite things to eat. 

"I can tell that these are nachos from my favorite place because they put kale and cauliflower on them," Busy said. Padma added, "This is a very L.A. nacho plate. Who the f--k puts kale on nachos?" The foodie makes a fair point, but Busy insisted: "Don't knock it till you've tried it!" And how did Padma feel after she'd tasted the oh-so-Cali dish? 

Gamely biting into the veggie-covered chip, Padma said, "I've eaten a lot of worse, funky stuff on Top Chef. I've eaten testicles of all kinds." So really, how bad can nachos be when that's the point of comparison?

Scroll down to watch Padma bite into the suspicious chip, and to hear what she keeps in her in-bedroom fridge. 

Tune into the Season 16 premiere of Bravo's Top Chef on Dec. 2  at 9/8c.

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