BRB, Grabbing a Latte at NYC’s First Dog Café

BRB, Grabbing a Latte at NYC’s First Dog Café


By Kristyn Pomranz

Y’know, it really feels like we spend an awful lot of time talking about the various animal cafés sprouting up all over this fine globe of ours. There are cat cafés a-plenty. There are owl cafés over in Japan. There is even a rat café in San Francisco. And so it begs the question:


Answer? *Shrugmoji* Perhaps it’s because dogs are always out and about so they have their fair share of dog-friendly eateries and establishments (whereas cats, rats, and owls aren’t typically afforded the same luxury). Or maybe it’s because dogs are too boisterous to be trusted around ceramic mugs. Either way, we are demanding justice for dogs, mainly because us non-dog-owners are desperate to share a cuppa with some canines.

Thankfully, our calls have been heard, because it was just announced that NYC will be opening its very first Dog Café. Named Boris and Horton (after the owners' dogs, natch), the coffeeshop-slash-wine bar will be the first of its kind to have a dog-friendly indoor section, portioned off by a plexiglass wall, per the New York City Department of Health.

The concept of Boris and Horton is a bit different from the creature cafés we're used to—instead of adoptable animal residents in need of companionship, the dog patrons will come with their humans. However non-dog owners are also welcome if they're merely looking to hang out with some pups.

But fear not—there is still a major philanthropic component: Badass Brooklyn Dog Rescue will be taking over the space on the weekends, with the hope of adopting out their rescues to people in need of a permanent four-legged friend.

Set to open this January, the café will also have retail offerings and a photobooth, because what is an inaugural dog café without a healthy opportunity for Instagramming?

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