Gary the Trash Cat Will Win Your Heart

Gary the Trash Cat Will Win Your Heart

Here’s the thing … he’s an opossum.

By Brienne Walsh

There are a few adjectives that come to mind when one thinks of an opossum. “Noctural” is one. “Strange” is another. “Cute” wasn’t near the top of the list until we came across the Instagram page of Gary the Trash Cat, a domesticated opossum who lives with Katy and David DiSanto, a couple in West Philadelphia.

Here’s the thing about Gary — he is actually freaking adorable, despite his long, scaly tail, his wet snout, and his fangs. In fact, he is adorable because of those features, which make him unique among house pets.

Gary was adopted by Katy and David after being found in his mother’s pouch. A car hit her while she was carrying her seven newborns across a street. Only Gary and a sister survived. He was rescued by the Schuylkill Center Wildlife Clinic, and offered up for adoption to Katy, who had previously saved an opossum she found in her backyard.

Gary adapted well to domestication. So well that he even wears Christmas sweaters and bunny ears. According to his Instagram page, his favorite food is grapes. He gets along well with his siblings — three cats, and a dog. While he likes to snuggle occasionally, mostly he just likes to sleep.

By the way, Gary sleeping is…um, beyond. Those little twitching paws! Katy told the Philadelphia Inquirer that she hopes Gary helps people realize that opossums aren’t scary. In fact, the species, which has been around for 70 million years, is gentle, and moreover, helpful. In the wild, they eat ticks, mice, bugs, and garbage.


For some of our favorite Gary moments, see below.

HM? ME? I WASN'T... sleeep... ingg... 😴

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Two-For-One #Happy #Caturday!

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