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Stassi: I'm Not the Bad Guy

Stassi explains that being honest to Jax and Scheana doesn't make her a terrible person.

By Stassi Schroeder


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I love a good wax! I just love the cleanliness and smoothness of it! I've always been comfortable with my girlfriends, but I think as I've aged, I've gotten more comfortable. I feel a huge sense of acceptance with my body by being open with my friends. It's like once you've put it out there, there is nothing left to hide, so then there's nothing to get insecure about. I'm not sure how much sense that makes to other people, but that's just how my mind works. I have the mentality of like "Let me show you my back fat or my muffin top, so that I don't have to keep trying to hide it!"

Scheana's article was everything that is good for the website. She did a lovely job. I don't think I know even to this day what was going on in Scheana's head regarding all the Lisa stuff. Scheana kept saying that she wasn't going to Lisa about things or telling her things, yet she's sitting there telling me how she just went to Lisa to get her to like me again? So are you chirping in Lisa's ear or aren't you?

After my sit down with Scheana, the drama wasn't necessarily completely over, but I just reached a point where I didn't care enough about it. It's so much easier to just let things go then it is to perpetuate it.

It really bothers me that I keep looking like the bad guy when it comes to Jax. Why? Because I'm honest about the fact that Jax is a terrible person who does despicable things? He does bad things to people, and I call him out for it. People call it "mean" or "hurtful" because I can be brutally honest and harsh with my delivery. I was constantly on edge during that time because I was being forced to work with someone who I just wanted to go away.
On Scheana's lapdance -- I mean, I'm not a lapdance kind of girl. Maybe I have a stick up my a--, but it's just not me. More power to Scheana, I'm all for people being honest to who they are. She wants to give a lapdance and she’s not ashamed of it, it’s just not my thing.


I was put in an uncomfortable situation when Scheana was fighting with Katie, and to be honest I was over the drama and the arguing. I didn't feel like it anymore; it became exhausting. I had mentally checked out of all of that, so I kind of just sat back and let them fight their own battles.

Katie simply had too much to drink that night! We've alllll been there.

I don't know how to talk about the Katie incident in the club (and after) because of everything that went down after, which you’ll have to watch and see. . .

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