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Stassi's Dream of a Drama-Free Birthday

Stassi thinks Scheana going to Cabo was the right call -- but Jax gossiping about her wasn't.

By Stassi Schroeder

I can't even begin to articulate how excited I was for Cabo. I love traveling. I love the sun. I love the water. It was everything I wanted out of a vacation. Nothing ever goes smoothly with this group -- but a girl can dream.

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Honestly, picking out the right bikini is all about holding my girls in! I don't focus to much on what the suit looks like, but more how it fits me. It's so, so, so hard for me to find a bikini that is supportive. I have natural boobs. They aren't the perkiest, and the tend to have a mind of their own, so when I find a bikini that has the support of a sports bra, I splurge.

I agree with what Peter told Lisa. Sometimes a change of scenery can help with tension. I really wanted everyone to make a huge effort to get along, it was really important to me.

Honestly, I'm not surprised Scheana came to Cabo. I would have done the same thing. Why miss a vacation to Cabo when it's already booked? Given that Shay was there with her, if s--- hits the fan, they could just enjoy Mexico together. Win-win situation! I would have preferred for her to make a bigger effort with me, especially since the last time I had seen her she had said some hurtful things. That made her getting into the boys car all the worse. It's a group vacation. I am trying to make it so that we all get along, just get in the girls' car and engage in some girl talk!

HOLY COW. I am not even being slightly dramatic when I say that room was the nicest most amazing room I've ever stayed in. It just felt like a dream. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I can NOT even begin to thank Lisa enough. It was one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done. I still dream about that suite! I'll take a suite over a dress any day!

Watching it back, Scheana's comment wasn't as bad as Jax made it sound, which is annoying. I should have known that he was just stirring the pot and up to something. It was a weird kind of inappropriate joke for Scheana to make, but it was a joke nonetheless. He needs to stop trying to get on my good side and just be. Enough already, it's exhausting.

Scheana is a tough girl. At the club, she knew she wasn't making any effort with us whatsoever, and that was a conscious decision. All I wanted was for her to make more of an effort. I felt bad that everyone was against her, but at the same time she was doing it to herself. I didn't want her to have to leave, but I was just trying to remain as calm and mature as possible that night and let everyone do what the felt.

Oh man Katie and Tom's fight was hard to watch. I love Katie so, so much and I appreciate her always having my back. She is a wonderful best friend. Schwartz definitely crossed the line.


Skinny dipping: Oh it was cold! But it most certainly turned the night back around! I love any time I can hang out with my girlfriends, sans the boys. I'm a girls' girl, always have been. Any time there is ever drama, girly time fixes it all! It was a really nice moment for us to bond and have fun.

I really wanted dinner to be drama-free and fun for everyone. I knew Katie was still stewing, so I figured I would talk to her about it and let her know that I would prefer if she just let the drama go for the night. Maybe I was wrong to do that, but at the time it felt like a good idea. . .


Again, I had just felt like the whole trip was turning into one big giant constant fight. We were in Cabo! Let's let go of any animosity and get along and enjoy each other. i just got upset because they were gone from the table for a realllllllly long time. We were waiting on them for over 40 minutes to order. Because they had left, we were all just left waiting and sitting around thinking they would come back at any moment. the celebration atmosphere had died, and dinner began to feel like a chore. I adore Katie and Tom together. I see them almost every day. I know how great they are as a couple. Every couple fights, it was just unfortunate that their fight happened to be on my birthday.

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