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Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval Admit They're "Pretty Jealous" of Jax Taylor (VIDEO)

The Vanderpump Rules cast members are actually a little envious of their longtime pal.

By Casey Suglia

Viewers have watched as Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz's friendship has strengthened over the past 11 seasons on Vanderpump Rules

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But while they only get stronger, their friendship with The Valley cast member and VPR alum, Jax Taylor, has been more of a roller coaster ride. While the trio and former roommates are in a decent place now, both Toms revealed that they are just a little envious of Jax after it took him little time to open up his bar, Jax's Studio City, and was able to make a profit quickly.

"[I'm] pretty jealous," Sandoval said on Vanderpump Rules After Show, as seen in the video above, joking that that hearing this gave him "depression."

"Pain," Schwartz added.

Hearing Jax talk about this must have caused the Toms "pain" because they invested so much into their own bar, Schwartz & Sandy's.

How much did Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval invest in Schwartz & Sandy's?

During ​​​the VPR Season 10 premiere, Sandoval revealed that he and Schwartz "invested a million dollars" into opening their bar. 

Schwartz admitted during VPR Season 11 Episode 13 that opening the bar wasn't exactly the smartest financial decision for him. "Dude, the bar almost ruined me," Schwartz told Sandoval.

"I just want to make sound financial decisions from here on out," he explained during a confessional. "I mean, the last high-stakes venture I did with Sandoval, you know, it's kind of still haunting me to this day."

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How Jax Taylor was able to open his bar in "months"

Jax explained how he was able to open up his bar with Brittany after just a few months of planning — and it's not because he's "the number one guy in the group."

"I hit the lottery with my situation," he admitted.

A 'Jax's' sign on the exterior of a bar.

"So, my buddy Dave reached out to me and said my buddies own some bars in town, they own Rocco's," Jax explained, noting that they're partners with former boyband member, Lance Bass. "So, they own a Rocco's, which is in the Valley. Next to Rocco's, they have a building that was just kind of sitting there, using it for like, events, banquets, and stuff like that."

After the owners approached Dave and asked him if Jax would want to open his own bar, Jax said yes — especially since all of the cost was fronted. "I haven't spent one dollar — not of my own money — not one," he said. "I got such a good deal, my business partners own nine bars, they've been owning it for 20 years, they had this space, they liked who I was. Like that I'm a family guy, I'm kind of laid back, I live in the Valley, I'm not really a bougie kind of person, I've hung out with them in the past."

So, they gave him a "couple hundred grand" to re-do the space, and let him do whatever he wanted to it. "It's not too often you open your own bar and start making money the next month, you know, so I just got lucky."

Hear more from the group in the above VPR After Show clip.

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