Donuts are Great

Donuts are Great

Andy Cohen contemplates the tasty treats and Linda Evans' plastic surgery.

I am in the greenroom at Today. There's an overload of donuts in the corner that I am trying to resist.  Kathie Lee just came up to me and had me make a muscle so she could squeeze it. I am trying to act like this is normal.

Tonight is the premiere of the The Real Housewives of Atlanta followed by an awesome Thintervention that features Jackie Warner busting out the lie detector test. Oh yes she DID. What to say about Atlanta this season -- I looove it. It makes me smile so big. The two new Housewives bring much to the table. Several of the women go through some really deep, deep stuff. You meet Kim's parents. Dwight gets into it with NeNe and Sheree from the get-go. Is that enough of a tease??

I am so pissed there are only two episodes of Mad Men left to go. URGH. DAMN. SHOOT. Am I alone in not loving Don's new love interest? I know she's supposed to be his conscience, but....  Maybe we're all just resistant to change. It has been a pleasure seeing less of Betty this season, I will say that. Not a fan.

Please tell me you saw Linda Evans on Oprah last week talking about aging. Did you? At first I was agape at Linder's somewhat clownish post lip augmented face, but than I listened to what the wise lady had to say (with great husky, Washington-state authority) and got into her vibe. She lives on a gazillion acres in the Northwest and is very happy. She had facework to feel young around Yanni, she said. If ever there was a good reason to have facework, that's it -- don't ya think? She is, and will always be Forever Krystle, I say.

Have a great day, and let me know what you think of ATL and Thintervention.

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