Home Again

Home Again

Andy Cohen is back in NYC and ready for an all-new Watch What Happens Live.

Hope you liked the Top Chef Reunion last night and are pumped to see the two Fan Fave finalists on Watch What Happens Live tonight. One of them will win 10 grand AND my Mazel of the Week. Which gift is more amazing, I wonder?? The fun starts at 10 p.m. with my guests Mary Amons and Jeff Lewis. AND my parents are coming to the show for the first time in 55 episodes, so it should be an interesting night.

I am so psyched -- and frankly nervous -- that Tina Fey is my guest next week in the Clubhouse. I am sure I will be shvitsy.

I am unclear whether the pea puree thing will EVER be solved because it seems like even though Amanda says Alex absolutely made it, no one else believes this to be possible. I will say this: if the footage existed it would've been in the episode. I am going to ask the two Fan Fave finalists what they thing one last time tonight.  And then I probably won't talk about it again.

By the way, I hate peas.

I got so much work done on my flight, thanks to an airplane charger I bought at the Century City Mall Apple Store that allowed me to screen six shows while remaining at 96 percent battery power from coast-to-freakin-coast. Sidenote: man is that Century City Mall de-pressing!! If I didn't already want to slit my wrist when I walked in there, I was looking for a razorblade store on the way out.

As I waited to board yesterday, I watched a little girl eat chips off the fllthy LAX carpet as her mom watched.  Then the germ-let was on my flight, albiet many rows away, which freaked me out a wee bit. I feel raspy this morning and blame the kid.

Traffic is demented because of the UN. I'm writing this from the back of a cab crawling up 6th Avenue. We're still in the 20s. I knew I should've taken the subway.

It's good to be home! See you in the Clubhouse at 10.

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