Rainy Cabs

Rainy Cabs

Andy's getting pumped for The Fashion Show


I am in a wet cab en route to work. It is a miserable day, but I am feeling good nonetheless. Maybe it's because Isaac Mizrahi and Kyle Richards will be joining me in the clubhouse tonight at 11pm, right after Beverly Hills.  That's cheery!

Remember how yesterday I said I would never take 8th Ave to work again? Well wouldn't you know that I'm pounding away at this Blackberry stuck in traffic on 8th and 29th. We are like snails. My driver is blasting Z100 and also seems to be listening to his ipod. It's a curious system. 

Last night was a fun 40th birthday party for Bethenny Frankel, who shares her big day with none other than Kathy Griffin! Happy birthday to both of those golden ladies. 

After the party, we went to see a friend at Japanais on 18th Street. We were seated at the bar next to some people who introduced themselves as designers on this last season of Project Runway. Having not seen the show since it left Bravo, I didn't know who they were, but they were nice. Small world, no? By the way, I am busting at the seams (pardon the pun) about The Fashion Show, which launches Tuesday. 

Now we are on 33rd street. Wow, this is taking forever. $8.50 on the meter. Usher blasting on Z100.  

Anyway, you will flip when you see Iman and Isaac on The Fashion Show. Brilliance! And on that note, I am going to get some non-blog stuff done as I creep along. See you at 11! 

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