Sweet Stuff

Sweet Stuff

Andy Cohen is excited for the Just Desserts finale, but can't stop thinking about Babs!

Tonight is the finale of Top Chef Just Desserts, and it is great. There's something for everybody in the form of Yigit, Morgan, and Danielle -- and they are intense rivals so it plays out amidst great drama. 

This morning I went to a breakfast thrown by the Robin Hood Foundation honoring everyday heroes in NYC. It was inspiring and uplifting, and a great way to start my day. AND I got to sit with Janice Huff who is our local WNBC weather superstar. So, I mean, I was happy.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUHLEASE tell me that you all saw the Streisand and Redford "The Way we Were" reunion  on Oprah yesterday. Please say you did. It was so insanely good I couldn't believe it. I don't want to bore you with endless paragraphs on this topic, but let me just say that Barbra sounded incredible singing, and seemed as open and comfortable as I've seen her in an interview. Redford looks like a wee guy, but I think his face work has settled nicely into itself. He seemed a little condescending or mean to BS, but maybe that was me overthinking it. And they had really nice chemistry.

The headline, though, was Barbra's house tour, which was the oddest couple minutes I think I've seen on TV in a long time. It was the camera panning around her grounds through her barn as Barbra narrated in very mellow, quiet reflection about the artistry of her Malibu Farm. "Ilike silos." "My barn has a stone wall." "My pond is small but it is my pond." "I like waterlilies." "The Mill House was inspired by this welcome mat I bought in Vermont." It doesn't sound weird, but trust me. The comedian Billy Eichner described it to me as a David Lynch movie. 

And her basement is kind of a mall with "shops" that are quaint and a way to display all her artifacts. And SUPER WEIRD!!!!!!!! I really can't get over what I saw. Did you SEE IT???  Oprah was fully on point, and I mean how the hell is she going to keep topping herself?

I have a group of kids coming from my high school alma mater (Clayton High School in St. Louis) for an early morning chat in about five minutes so I have to hustle to them.... Have a great day.

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