What About Ryan Gosling?

What About Ryan Gosling?

Andy Cohen isn't happy about Gosling's Oscar snub.

Now that I've seen Blue Valentine, I am obsessed with Ryan Gosling and can't figure out why he didn't get nominated for an Oscar today. What the hell, people? I still don't dig the idea of nominating 10 movies for Best Picture. Beyond just a blatant ploy to get more people who have a stake in the movies to watch or care about the Oscars, it seems like one of those "every kid should have a chance to be the lead in the school play" kinda things. Just keep it to five, hurt some feelings, and cause some debate is what I say.

Nobody asked me, is the thing. They never do. By the way, I am really excited for Mark Ruffalo. He's such a great actor and was fantastic in The Kids Are All Right. And when people ask me who people say I look like I always say him. I met him at a thing this summer and his wife apparently always tells him the same thing about me. Funny. He's handsome -- I'll take it!

So tonight is the finale of The Fashion Show featuring three amazing fashion shows and guest judge Mary J. Blige. Book it!!! I love Mary J. It was a coup for her to do the show, and we're still excited about it.

I was traveling and then shooting yesterday, so I missed Oprah! (After all that lead-up...) I heard about her secret, and that it was super-emo and impossible not to uncontrollably wail whilst watching itunfold. So I look forward to that assault on my tear ducts. I like a tear-duct assault. Got no problem with a nice wail every once in a while.

It's snowing in New York, and I'm not there. I get back in town Saturday.

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