Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

Andy Cohen catches us up with what he did this past weekend.

It is a measure of my day that I just realized (at 4 p.m.) that I forgot to freaking blog.  Oh Lord.  I am sorry.

Tonight I'm live in the Clubhouse with Danielle, who is going to PERFORM her new SINGLE ... LIVE. This is called the Magic of Live Television. I cannot imagine what is in store for us tonight. 

The weekend was fantastic, with the exception to my realizing that some INGRATE stole the Buddha from my deck in Sag Harbor. Let me ask you this: what kind of karmic retribution comes from stealing a piece of religious iconography???  I am pissed.

In other news about the weekend: I had a great meal at the Palm, saw Tina Fey at a kid's birthday party, and broke down the RHNYC reunion with her, got a ton of work done, boxed, heard "California Girls" 10x, and came to the realization that the tune is worthless without Snoop, and I swam a bunch.

OK, let me get on with my day — can you meet me in The Clubhouse at 11?

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