My Legs Hurt

My Legs Hurt

Andy Cohen gives a play-by-play of his time in the 'Today Show' greenroom.

My legs are killing me today. Maybe I'm not stretching enough or maybe I'm overdoing it or maybe NOBODY CARES, BUT ME. That's it!

Anyway, I'm sitting in the Today Show greenroom watching a segment producer tell 50 Cent's publicist that 50 needs to get made up, and the publicist is saying "five minutes, five minutes." He's in his dressing room. Kathie Lee and 50 are in the same airspace, and that's enough to wake my uncaffeinated ass up.

So the TCA in Los Angeles was a great day. In the afternoon, we had four dessert chefs from Top Chef Just Desserts plying critics with sugar. The treats were fantastic, and I am really amped about that show. The challenges are fun, the chefs are full of personality, and there's great food and great drama.

OK, so 50 Cent is "ready for makeup" and "stepping out in two minutes." Kathie Lee left five minutes ago to head for the studio.

Friday night was a big NBC Universal party and Bravo was well-represented. Jackie Warner was rock-hard and ready for the premiere of Jackie Warner's Thintervention. The Real Housewives of D.C. were out in force and generated much attention, including some love from Jimmy Fallon.

Andy and friends
I can not repay Jenni Pulos enough for grabbing me a glass of vino while we waited in line to take photos. Here's a candid shot of us as Jenni and Jeff do what they do best: gripe at each other.


OK, 50 Cent is leaving the greenroom. He's ready to go. He has six people with him. Maybe eight. But not 10. By the way, it's a huge week on Bravo with Kathy Griffin's finale, Rachel Zoe's premiere, Bethenny's finale, and the premiere of The Real Housewives of D.C.! Wowza.  Here's Brad Goreski and I evaluating whether the option I pulled (a white suit) was correct for the occasion.


After the party, I headed for LAX and the redeye home. I know we've discussed this ad nauseum, but that flight stinks so monumentally. It's about four hours of sleep, and change; I'd taken half an Ambien, which is kind of perfect and also kind of leaves you a drowsy mess.  There's no way to beat the redeye, is the bottom line. It is not possible.

50's interview is happening and Piers Morgan is late, so they're bringing me into the studio in case he doesn't get here. 50 seems low-key. He liked working with Joel Schumacher. Piers just got here, so now they're putting me in the upstairs greenroom. OK now the ladies are pressing Piers to find out whether he's replacing Larry King. He won't say, and that means it's happening.

And now I gotta go because it's my turn..

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