Hug it Out

Hug it Out

Andy Cohen was shocked at how The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion ended.

Good Morning! It feels very Back to School today at Bravo and all over NYC. Tonight, Jeff, and Jenni bring Zoila to NYC for her birthday in one of my favorite episodes of Flipping Out. And then Rachel is back "celebrating" her anniversary with Rodger in a way that Rodger doesn't particularly enjoy.

I am so into the new Jonathan Franzen book I can barely think ofanything else. I dug in during the fake-icane (that's a fake hurricane that the media tries to tell you is going to kill you for five days and then turns out to be a rainstorm) and have barely paid attention to anything else, with the exception of Mad Men and The Big C, of which I am also obsessed.

Last night was Danielle's farewell on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and she went out on top, on her own terms. When she got up - after seven hours of rage - and hugged it out with the other women, my jaw was actually on the floor.  It was such an intense three-on-one pile-up, but the entire energy of the group changed with Jacqueline's epipheny somewhere in the middle of it that she was sick of the person she was becoming. I don't know that the peace will last between them, but I think it's a positive way to end two seasons of rancor between the women. 

And from this day forward, in situations of stress or upset,  I plan to hug it out.

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