Last Day of Summer

Last Day of Summer

Andy Cohen laments the end of the season.

Stick a knife in my eye -- it's the last day of summer! Waaaaaaah. That sucks.

Last night I was supposed to go a fancy schmancy screening of George Clooney's Ides of March at MOMA followed by a dinner for the attendees. I cancelled because I realized I needed to just stay home and work on my book.  And that's exactly what I did. I feel like I'm in a good writing groove, and I don't want to lose my mojo.

I did have a wind-down at the end of the night with the third-to-last episode of All My Children. Brooke was back and so was Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eva LaRue. And the episode was dedicated to Mary Fickett, who played Ruth Martin and died last week. Sadly, though, it prominently featured the lady who replaced Ruth on the show. I didn't even know she had been replaced.  Ugh, I am out of it.

So again, the show made me depressed and melancholy. And there was a lot of Tad and Dixie, which wasn't totally thrilling to me, although I used to love me some Tad.  Now it's all too sad.

I also watched a blip of X Factor -- enough to verify my love for LA Reid. The man has it going on. He's so cool and smart. I really like him. We're working to get him in the Clubhouse.

New episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker airing tonight and another Sunday followed by Watch What Happens Live!

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