Occupy the Clubhouse

Occupy the Clubhouse

Andy shares his newest t-shirt idea.

Would that be a fun t-shirt? "Occupy the Clubhouse" with a picture of Tramona in protest gear? Kind of fun, but maybe not. Who would wear it?But I digress. Good morning! I am technically on jury duty, but it was one of those show up and "we don't need you, come back tomorrow" situations. I am happy to be gone and will see those wonderful folks tomorrow.

Tonight is a pretty dramatic and heavy episode of RHOBH followed by a special, The Headhuntress. And then I'm live at 11 with Adrienne Maloof and China Chow. China's show, Work of Art, is on fire and really taking off with a bullet. People looooooove it (myself included).

The weekend was so nice in that I got a TON of Bravo work and book work done. I feel totally ahead of the game right now.  Last night before the show I went to the opening of "Standing on Ceremony" at the Minetta Lane Theater.  It's a bunch of mini-plays about gay marriage starring Mark Consuelos, Richard Thomas, Polly Draper, Craig Bierko and more. They're all great and it's a funny, moving evening. I am so proud of Mark!Last night NeNe was in the Clubhouse answering many salty questions regarding how rich she is, her feelings on the other ladies, and whether she's changed.  She brought her fun with her, and Tatyana Ali was a hilarious and perfect sidekick. She is up on ALL the Clubhouse lingo and was beaming for the entire show.  That's my kind of guest! Oh and I loved playing "Atlanta or A-man-ta" again!

Here's that game, plus the After Show:

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