'Work of Art' Returns!

'Work of Art' Returns!

Andy Cohen shares his excitement about the Work of Art Season 2 premiere from L.A.


I am so psyched that Work of Art is back on Bravo tonight. It's been far too long since we saw Season 1, which Entertainment Weekly named one of the best shows of last year!  

You saw me freaking out about one of the contestants, The Sucklord, on WWHL the other night. But let me assure you that he is only one of a great group of colorful and talented artists. There's also a wonderful artist named Leon, who happens to be deaf. He is beautiful on the inside and out, and watching him express himself through his art is especially touching. 

I don't have to tell you that Top Chef: Just Desserts is on following WOA, and it's en fuego. 

I'm writing this from L.A. It took me forever to get here yesterday. Mechanical problems delayed us in NYC and runway congestion in L.A. I somehow over the years have developed a great patient zen-ness about flying issues that is semi-uncharacteristic of me. Flying is such a miracle that you can't be anything but Jah when something holds you up. I will never really understand how an airplane works, that's for sure. It just seems like a perilous tube careening through the sky. It is shocking to me that it all works. 

And that is my tangent about flying for the day! Isn't that fascinating? It's a good thing I don't go back and read what I wrote at the end of the day because I really might just shoot my hands off, maiming me and ending this misery for you! 

I will be running around in traffic all day going to meetings. You would think I'm going to a land faraway with all the gear I'm bringing in the car. Chargers, computer, gum, asthma inhaler, cash, flip flops... I have completely lost it. 

Have a great day! 

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