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San Francisco Bay, City View

S2/EP7 |
Aired: April 26, 2016
Tech consultants Laura and Thanh are searching for a “forever home” to raise their family in. Their dream is to own an iconic city view of downtown San Francisco. 22:20

Ocean and Dunes View

S2/EP6 |
Aired: April 19, 2016
Self-made powerhouse Araceli and her daughter Victoria want a coveted Hamptons oceanfront view. 22:19

Brooklyn Bridge View

S2/EP5 |
Aired: April 12, 2016
Newlyweds Rachel and Damian have grown exhausted by Manhattan’s hectic pace. Since she was a little girl, Rachel has had love affair with the Brooklyn Bridge and it has birthed a desire in them to settle in Brooklyn under its auspices. 22:20

Central Park View

S2/EP4 |
Aired: April 5, 2016
Since childhood Bret and Stephen had big dreams to move to New York City and became Broadway stars. Hard work and dedication to their craft made that dream a reality. 22:20

Niagara Vineyard View

S2/EP3 |
Aired: March 29, 2016
Wine enthusiasts Christina and Ed are ready to make their lifelong dream of having a view of a lush green vineyard come true. 22:20