Kari Wells

Kari is disgusted by Quad -- and Mariah's -- bad behavior and discusses her difficult past.  

on Mar 31, 2013

After that ridiculous scene I walked away since I did not want to be sucked into any more high school drama with Quad. But soon after, she came back for more. It was insufferable. It was like dealing with a bratty child. For her to keep saying that I was mean to her or that I lied about her is just a joke.

So now for round two, she wants to fight with me some more (in public!) and she so decides to bring up more of my past and mention the anorexic clinic. There are so many levels on which that insult hurt me that I do not even know where to begin.

First she insulted everyone who is suffering from anorexia. It is a serious disease. Many young women (and sometimes young men), die from this disorder. It is a heartbreaking condition and one that causes intense mental suffering. I was diagnosed with anorexia in my late teens and it is an was a very painful (and private until now) part of my life. Through the grace of God and a good psychologist, I was able to overcome this and move on to good health. It is a stage of my life that I am not proud of and it hurts me even today thinking about the sadness that I endured.

If anyone reading this is suffering from an eating disorder of any kind, my strong advice would be to go get help, the sooner the better. Tell somebody about it today. Only with proper psychological treatment can you move on from this sad chapter of your life. It is possible. Believe me. I am living proof of that.