Kari Wells

Kari is disgusted by Quad -- and Mariah's -- bad behavior and discusses her difficult past.  

on Mar 31, 2013

Quad was SO happy that she had barbed me with this with her comments. "Strike." It speaks volumes about her as a person.
Second, she directly insulted my appearance, making me feel like I look sick. For someone who once had an eating disorder, it is very insulting and hurtful.

In the end all I can say is that I am deeply sorry for her in that she gains such pleasure in hurting others. Of course I would not want to bring that energy into my home and any friend of mine would have supported me disinviting her to another event.

I was so gratified to see that Toya and Dr. SimoneM stood up and spoke out against Quad's cruel behavior.

It is sad to watch the scenes with Mariah. She is clearly showing me by her words and her actions as I watch now, that she was not my friend. In the time that I had known Mariah, I could count on one hand the times we had actually spent together but I had considered her a friend and I truly thought that she was. Now, it is crystal clear to me that I did not know her. I do not recognize the person I am watching. That is not the girl that I thought I knew. Shame on me for allowing myself to get sucked into such petty high school drama.

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