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Mariah Is Not the Girl I Knew

Kari is disgusted by Quad -- and Mariah's -- bad behavior and discusses her difficult past.


Quad made such a grand entrance at Mariah's party. I greeted her with politely, but from the moment she arrived, it was obvious that her intentions were to hurt me.

Nonetheless, I continued to try and be nice but I knew that she was just looking for trouble. As she said, she wanted to "skin a cat",  and she chose her best friend's party to do it. I am still puzzled as to why she was so hateful towards me, I had been nothing but nice to her, apart from the psychologist instead of psychiatrist comment.

I have to congratulate her on her use of alliteration with her cute little term "Medical Mistress" But she is wrong. I was never my husband's mistress or anyones mistress. A mistress implies secrecy and deceit. From the very beginning our relationship was out in the open. I always had too much self esteem to play second fiddle to another woman. I come from a family that values marriage. My parents have been married for 60 years and they are still going strong. I have great respect for that. I never had trouble finding a man and would certainly not pick one who was in a marriage. When I met my husband 11 years ago, I would not even have dinner with him until he faxed me a document showing me he was legally separated. He was leaving his short childless (and loveless) marriage. They both amicably signed the separation agreement and went their separate ways until the divorce. Since then, we have shared 11 magical years together and we are proud parents of our two wonderful children.

After that ridiculous scene I walked away since I did not want to be sucked into any more high school drama with Quad. But soon after, she came back for more. It was insufferable. It was like dealing with a bratty child. For her to keep saying that I was mean to her or that I lied about her is just a joke.

So now for round two, she wants to fight with me some more (in public!) and she so decides to bring up more of my past and mention the anorexic clinic. There are so many levels on which that insult hurt me that I do not even know where to begin.

First she insulted everyone who is suffering from anorexia. It is a serious disease. Many young women (and sometimes young men), die from this disorder. It is a heartbreaking condition and one that causes intense mental suffering. I was diagnosed with anorexia in my late teens and it is an was a very painful (and private until now) part of my life. Through the grace of God and a good psychologist, I was able to overcome this and move on to good health. It is a stage of my life that I am not proud of and it hurts me even today thinking about the sadness that I endured.

If anyone reading this is suffering from an eating disorder of any kind, my strong advice would be to go get help, the sooner the better. Tell somebody about it today. Only with proper psychological treatment can you move on from this sad chapter of your life. It is possible. Believe me. I am living proof of that.

Quad was SO happy that she had barbed me with this with her comments. "Strike." It speaks volumes about her as a person. Second, she directly insulted my appearance, making me feel like I look sick. For someone who once had an eating disorder, it is very insulting and hurtful.

In the end all I can say is that I am deeply sorry for her in that she gains such pleasure in hurting others. Of course I would not want to bring that energy into my home and any friend of mine would have supported me disinviting her to another event.

I was so gratified to see that Toya and Dr. SimoneM stood up and spoke out against Quad's cruel behavior.

It is sad to watch the scenes with Mariah. She is clearly showing me by her words and her actions as I watch now, that she was not my friend. In the time that I had known Mariah, I could count on one hand the times we had actually spent together but I had considered her a friend and I truly thought that she was. Now, it is crystal clear to me that I did not know her. I do not recognize the person I am watching. That is not the girl that I thought I knew. Shame on me for allowing myself to get sucked into such petty high school drama.

For more information on Kari Wells go to or my Facebook

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Simone: Yes, I'm Still Angry with Toya

Simone says she's not a fence rider and thinks Toya lacks the "intellect" and "maturity" to be on Married to Medicine.

Whew! We made it through Reunion still alive and in one piece, but just barely. Mysteries remain intact, questions were left unaswered, old friendships were severed forever and some new friendships just couldn't get off the ground.  Where in the world does this mess leave this group?

I truly believe Married to Medicine has something to offer America. Right now, we are the only show with seven married African American couples who also happen to have seven doctorates. Our young Black America needs to see more of this on TV, not fighting, murders, scandals or mistresses. We have shown everything life has to offer, the good, the bad and everything in between. A few of you have been so quick to criticize our behavior but realistically, everyone walking this earth experiences difficulties in relationships. And everyone has reacted or overreacted to a situation. Surely no one can should assume that a doctorate changes human nature or human responses.

Some of you swear you would never act like some of us, but I know you have behaved poorly behind closed doors. We chose to open the door and let the camera in. The scenarios in life are all the same, the only difference between my life and yours are the people in it!

It was difficult AGAIN to witness Toya telling a lie about her intent to fight me in front of my son AFTER calling me a bad mother.  It is sad that she can throw jabs and insults on the lowest levels but can not handle them in return. She doesn't have the self control, intellect or maturity to be on a show called Married to Medicine.  I am so sure she would fit in quite well on some other shows which I will not name for you today. (This is pure shade and yes, I'm still angry with her.)

I must share some final thoughts on Quad and Mariah, even though I know you're tired of beating a dead horse.  I did not say much on the Reunion after Toya lunged "to give me a hug" because I felt some of the ladies couldn't handle others' opinions about them even though they're quick to offer their own opinions about me.

In Quad's opinion, I am a fence rider. Let me make myself and my intent for Quad and Mariah's issues very clear. The ONLY thing I ever wanted for them was peace and friendship. If we couldn't have that, I wanted civility for the entire cast! Every lady on this show was a vital part of it. In my angriest moments this Season, I could still be in Toya's presence. Didn't want to talk to or sit near her but I never refused to attend an event because she was coming. Even after she tried to fight me at the Reunion, I continued to film with and was civil towards her. Hint: it’s called being mature.  In real life, you must be cordial to your co-workers even when you don’t like them.

Let me also make this point: anyone who thinks in her head she is more important, more revelant or better than anyone else on this show has the game all twisted and played wrong. It has truly been the combination of many factors and faces that contribute to the success of this show.

The biggest factor of them all is YOU, the fans. Without you willing to tune in each week at various times (and now different days) and share your thoughts and opinions on social media, it would not be possible to share Married to Medicine with the world. I thank you so much!

It was an interesting Season to say the least. I'm glad it's over and I'm curious about the future. Take care until . . .

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