Austen Kroll Opens up About Making Moves on Chelsea Meissner

"You're a fool if you think Shep wouldn't have done the same thing."

Southern Charm rookie Austen Kroll took Chelsea Meissner (friend of Cameran Eubanks and potential love interest of Shep Rose) out on a date, which may have made some waves with the group. Chelsea and Shep have a little bit of history, but it seemed like nothing too serious, so Austen took her out on a date when Shep was out of town. In reference to the date Chelsea and Shep had, Austen revealed that "[Chelsea] told me, it was nothing more than a kiss. Look, Shep and I have shared more than that."

Southern Charm
Is Austen Breaking Bro Code?
Shep Rose gets irritated when he hears that Austen Kroll and Chelsea have been hanging out.

Although this date might seem a little sneaky at first, Austen shares his thoughts on the situation and reveals his honest point of view about the date and his intentions. Check out his vlog about the date above. And if you want to hear a little bit more from Austen, check out his hilarious vlog about Thomas Ravenel's polo match below.

Southern Charm
Austen Breaks Down Thomas' Polo Match
Austen Kroll has no idea what to do at Thomas Ravenel's polo match.

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