What is #TopChef's Sam Talbot Doing with Nick Jonas?

The guys are teaming up to help others.

Two good looking guys working together for a good cause? Sign us up! Season two Top Chef cheftestant Sam Talbot is teaming up with Nick Jonas to help raise awareness about the misconceptions of diabetes. Both Sam and Nick have type 1 diabetes and are now working with Beyond Type 1, a non-profit organization that raises diabetes awareness and aims to eliminate stigmas.

Sam, 37, was diagnosed with diabetes at age 12. "Living with type 1 practically my whole life, I have always wanted to erase the black cloud and the stigma that goes along with the word ‘diabetes,'” he told People. “It is a way of life for me, not a hindrance but a lens through which I see the world and it’s important to not only educate but really celebrate the people affected.”


In addition to bringing light to the issue, the organization will raise funds to aid research to help find a cure. "We have a long way to go in the education of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and in that lack of knowledge is the even harsher reality that we are still very far from a cure. BEYOND TYPE 1 will also focus on raising funds for research to find a cure," Nick added. "I am confident we will get there someday, but it will take a lot of people doing what they can to help. We are strong together."

To hear more from Sam about his struggle with diabetes, check out the video below.


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