Alexandra Dilworth

Alexandra likes being childish -- because kids have all the fun -- and so her quest to destroy Africa continues.

on Oct 23, 2013

Can someone please cry me a river? Here we go again.

Africa is once again playing the innocent victim role. Only thing is that this time, she isn’t completely innocent. What Africa said to me in the bathroom was completely unnecessary! The way she went off completely showed how much I am getting to her. LMAO! Africa needs to understand that this is Atlanta! She went off on the wrong chick. Maybe other people she's around will allow her to get away with that attitude of hers, but I won’t. She now knows to not mess with me!

She can go ahead and run to Vawn. She just loves this damsel in distress role. She better eat up this little attention he is giving her because that’s all she is going to get from him.

Vawn can have a short attention span and she learned that when she went out to the club that night. He left with another chick. He doesn’t care about her. I’m not saying that he can’t be a great guy but I'm letting her know that she looks like a fool. She is running around and sleeping with her music connection, and he is playing her. I can like Vawn. I can play this game with Vawn. Why? Because I'm young, hot, unpredictable, and it's an equal match when it comes to Vawn and I. Africa just isn't, I’m sorry.