Emily Lipman

Emily is as shocked as you are by the behavior at the fashion show, and takes a minute to defend her fashion sense.

on Oct 15, 2013

I LOVE this episode. Thanks for watching the show. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am!

Well, we gotta start somewhere and I was a little shocked to see that Vawn had Alex over for dinner. To me, it didn’t look like he was cooking dinner and she just came over as friends. . .he obviously invited her over. I don’t know what’s going with them but I guess Vawn is being honest.

When it comes to Vawn and Africa, I am glad Africa asked him about where they are in their relationship. She has feelings for a man who I feel can’t be committed 100 percent. It seems like he loves bachelor life right now. However, I truly feel like the whole "honesty" thing is getting old for me. You should be honest no matter what, in a relationship or not in a relationship. SO confused!


Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is clearly very close to my heart, and all I wanted is for this show to be amazing and to raise money. As I mentioned on the show, my sister Wendy, passed from CF and my brother, Andy, has CF and is the strongest person I know. He is now 40, which is incredible! He has as two kids and a supporting family, has published three books, has been running the Peachtree for 18 years in a row and continues to do so! He even completed a half marathon!!! He had the honor to run with the Olympic Torch in Athens, GA (Yes CF is a lung disease. . .who would have known with him doing all this running!) And he's done so much more! It's pretty incredible. He is a true inspiration to all and a hero to his little sister. I look up to him everyday of my life. He is seriously my inspiration.