Dorinda Medley Is Completely Obsessed With This Kitchen Gadget

The Real Housewives of New York City nice-maker shared her secret weapon.

Dorinda Medley loves to share her healthy cooking secrets, such as the zucchini and tomato creation she enjoys whipping together over the weekends to eat all week over cottage cheese (you need that super-simple recipe in your life, BTW). But now The Real Housewives of New York City pal is showing off her secret-weapon appliance, the one she uses day in and day out to cook.

Her friends who visit her at home all know that she loves to use a Copper Chef saucepan and induction cooking top to make meals, she revealed on Instagram Stories. In the clip, she notes she never really uses the traditional stovetop anymore because of it.

She used the gadget to whip up a tasty scramble in the morning, with bacon bits whisked right into the eggs.

About five hours later, she returned to the kitchen to make a meat sauce for pasta the same day for dinner. Her boyfriend, John Mahdessian, could be heard patiently waiting for a bite in the background of the video.

Dorinda knows that copper pots are a fantastic addition to any kitchen arsenal because they're great at cooking food (especially roasting) evenly and consistently. Hopefully she has them her fabulous pad in the Berkshires, too!

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