Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen discusses her fertility plans, her Rolls Royce, Lydia's mom, and Tamara's revealing speech.

on May 29, 2013

What is hard to capture on camera is that the taping of Hot in Cleveland was close to five hours long and we were there for four of those five hours. They even brought in a comedian during the taping of the show to help entertain the audience because there is a lot of down time as they reset lighting and the different sets for the next scene. It was during one of those down times I got up and walked away with Slade to address an email that had to do with a surprise for Tamra's bachelorette party I was planning. I didn't want to blow the surprise because I was sitting next to Tamra. The company helping me with the surprise was leaving for a long weekend and they needed answers that night before they left the office. As soon as they said the actors where going back on, I was right there to watch Heather's scenes. We saw all of them except the very first one because of my prior hosting opportunity. End result, I think she did an amazing job and I made every effort to show up and support my friend.
Although after hearing what she had to say this week about it, I'm sure many of you will be advising me too not be so quick to change my flight or rush from my own opportunities next time. LOL!

This week it was great to see Vicki be so supportive and happy with baby Troy and put her daughter's needs first. That's what grandmas are for! Can't imagine the pain Brianna was feeling thinking about her husband going off to war. Breaks my heart for her.

I'm happy to see Heather and Terry start to repair the issues they were having, and Terry's words were very sweet and exactly what Heather needed to hear. Looks like they are on the road to recovery. I told you they were a strong couple!