S1 - E10

Abseiling Away

Tension between departments leaves Faye fed up as she vows that she’s not going to be the nice chief stew they’ve had all season. Capt. Kerry mentors Lewis in the wheelhouse and suggests to his bosun he consider promoting someone to lead deckhand so he can spend more time working on his career path. Misconduct on the radio upsets the captain and thrusts Lewis back on deck, unable to trust his team to perform the most basic tasks. Frustrations continue to build between bunkmates in the interior, leading Kasie to make a plan with Jess to do a room swap. The deckies take their turn entertaining the guests in drag. On an epic abseiling adventure, Faye reaches her breaking point and cries in front of guests over forgotten chips.

Aired: 01/10/2023
TV-14 |