S1 - E7

Aye Aye, Captain Deckhand

In the aftermath of Nathan’s fall down the stairs, Lewis and Capt. Kerry worry they’ll be down yet another deckhand as they await the arrival of a new crew member. During service, the interior team continues its ongoing battle with the exterior when Mike misses a walkie call to help carry plates to the table. Primary charter guest Heather Gay and friends request a fire and ice theme for their final dinner, prompting Jess to experiment with a dessert she’s never made before, leaving her stressed. Communication issues cause problems on deck for Lewis just as his new deckhand – a former captain – arrives and starts assessing the team. Faye sets her sights on the new guy. A crew night out in Alesund ends with a one-cabin cuddle party.

Aired: 12/13/2022
TV-14 |