S1 - E6

(The Real) Yacht-wives of Norway

After a steamy night in the hot tub, Lewis is met with fears of where his relationship with one of the stews will stand in the morning. Faye questions who she can trust after Oriana went over her head to order new epaulets. With elite and demanding charter guests, Faye calls on the already short-handed deck team for assistance and even goes so far as to pull Nathan out of bed, causing a blow up with Mike and Faye. Later, while on anchor watch, an overworked and exhausted Nathan goes to bed before handing the shift over, leaving the boat unattended and a furious Lewis calling him out in front of Capt. Kerry. In the galley, Oriana struggles to keep up with the pace of breakfast, causing Jess to lose her temper with the entire interior. Lewis and Nathan take the guests on an epic adventure ziplining through the jungles of Norway. A misstep leaves the exterior at risk of losing yet another deckhand.

Aired: 12/06/2022
TV-14 |