7 Places to See NOW Before They Disappear Forever

7 Places to See NOW Before They Disappear Forever

Sad but true.

If you ask us, #YOLO is a plenty good reason to book a vacation — any time, anywhere. But if you're looking for reasons with a little more heft, you'll want to read this: On account of various natural and manmade phenomena, some of the world's most spectacular travel destinations are actually on the verge of disappearing forever. In some cases, the transformation could happen within decades. So check out these six fragile places, and book your travel stat — before they vanish for good.

1. Maldives

One of the most beautiful places on earth will not be a travel destination forever. It is the lowest country on the planet, and with sea levels rising, scientists say it’s for sure going to one day be covered by water; they think that day is in the next hundred years. The government has already started a safety backup plan, buying nearby islands for its people's impending evacuation. 

2. Seychelles

Another cluster of islands that look and feel like paradise, this one is slowly eroding away. The coral has begun to disappear: That coral is what protects the beach from waves and without it, beach erosion occurs. These beaches have been steadily eroding and could be gone in 50 to a hundred years. 

3. Venice, Italy

Those breathtaking waterway canals that attract people from all over the world aren’t rising — actually the land is sinking. It could be gone forever within a hundred years. It’s actually been sinking for centuries, but has gradually sped up to five times as fast.

4. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This is the biggest coral reef in the world, and one of the top tourist attraction anywhere — but maybe not for long. Due to pollution and water temperature changes, it’s been eroding little by little each year. More than half has disappeared over the last 30 years.

5. Madagascar

These rainforests are being destroyed by logging and burning, while the wildlife is being poached at the same time. Some say that in 35 years, this forests and the creatures living in it will be completely gone.

6. The Dead Sea, Jordan

Tourists flock here to float in incredibly salty water — but the sea has shrunk by 30 percent, dipping 80 feet. We might only have 50 years left to visit this historical attraction and soak in the healing water. Many people use water from the Jordan River to drink, part of the cause of the problem — with no solution in sight.

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