Here's How You Can Get a Piece of the World's Largest Superyacht for the Price of a Compact Car

Here's How You Can Get a Piece of the World's Largest Superyacht for the Price of a Compact Car

You don't have to be a celebrity or a billionaire to get on board (although it wouldn't hurt).

By Alesandra Dubin

Access to some of the world’s most elite yachts is strictly limited — limited, for instance, to the uber-mega-rich, and some celebrity hangers-on.

But now there’s a way for mere mortals of means to get access to what is being billed as the world’s largest superyacht without having to actually buy it, or even charter it. And you won’t have to be a celebrity, or powwow with billionaires either.

The 720-foot-yacht, run by the luxury concierge service Quintessentially, will be known as Quintessentially One.

The massive stunner will have 11 decks, 10 residential suites, and a crew approaching 500 to attend to every whim of guests on board.

The 112-berth yacht will be 40 meters longer than the world’s biggest private vessel, Azzam. And it's set to make its first voyage in 2019 or 2020.

It will travel around the world, making appearances at some events that match its caliber — think the Cannes film fest, Monaco Grand Prix, and carnival in Rio, where it will host exclusive parties (good luck).

Membership to Quintessentially, designed to help members gain access to other elite experiences such as sold-out events, star-style travel, and hard-to-score restaurant tickets, costs from £15,000, or about $18,700 annually. Sure, that's not exactly pocket change — or a subway card... or even a $69 flight across the world. But, if you have the cash to spare for membership, you'll gain access to everything on the boat — and can invite guests onboard, too.

Still sound like a lot? Consider that the yacht will cost more than $310 million to build.

It will be “the world’s largest floating private membership club,” according to Quintessentially co-founder Aaron Simpson. He also said the ship’s business model will flip traditional yachting on its head: “Where the traditional cruise model is to go somewhere, dock and get off; we will dock and people will want to get on."

Simpson sees the superyacht hosting exclusive parties with famous performers; Quintessentially has longstanding ties with artists like Elton John, who it has booked to sing at events like birthday parties for its ultra-wealthy clients.

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