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Captain Lee Rosbach: "What a Season It Was"

Captain Lee shares his final thoughts on the season and the dramatic finale.

Words of Wisdom from the Below Deck Crew

Well we have arrived at the end of another season, and what a season it was. We have had a bit of everything this year haven’t we? We have had more than our share of crew problems; most I might add were self inflicted issues. The guests we had this year were simply great. We really had some wonderful people this year, and I hope that they enjoyed being on board as much as we enjoyed having them on board. That all being said, why don’t we take a look at the finale and see how some previous things may have contributed to where we ended up this year.

Ben, I wish you could have been with us from the very beginning. I think that having you in the galley may have altered the whole dynamic on board for the better. Some of the crew conflicts could have certainly been avoided by having the type of personality that you display permeating the atmosphere. Way to work through the injury and pull it together for the final dinner and make it such a success. Job well done, sir.

An Emergency #BelowDeck

As far as your attitude, the whole crew dynamic changed for the better once you arrived, with probably the exception of Rocky. Can’t thank you enough for helping us out when we really needed it, and I look forward to working with you again.

Kate, what would it have been like if you had not maintained your composure and professionalism like you did? Thank you so much. I know that you had a lot of things working against you, but you took the tools that you had to work with and made it happen like the professional you are. I thought you did an outstanding job this season in the face of some very adverse conditions. I thought the way you dealt with Rocky in her quarters when informed about her fling with Eddie was outstanding. You were spot on. Did anyone else really care if she and Eddie hooked up? I think not. You also really worked hard on your personal and professional relationship with Amy, and it was a pleasure to see that come together for you both. You just had an outstanding season in my book, and I appreciated it more than you know. Look forward to working with you again.

Emile, Emile, Emile, whatever am I going to do with you? You did a fine job on deck this season, and I appreciate your honesty and sincere approach to life. But for the life of me I can’t understand why you are in the middle of this situation with Rocky and Eddie. Other than the fact that Rocky keeps pulling you in, just to throw you out every other minute. She goes to you first with her mea culpa, just to stir things up and make herself the victim, then shuts you out. Then she fires you up again when she decides to bring Amy into the mix just to let her know that she hooked up with the guy that Amy had a minor crush on. Victimized again. Then she shuts you out again. She allows you in again when she and Amy are having a conversation in her cabin, and then tells you to leave her and the situation alone. What will it take for you to realize that she will only call you when she has a need for you, and not any other time? I do admire your loyalty no matter how misplaced I feel it may be. I feel that this lesson in your maturation process may be one of those learned the hard way. But then those are the ones learned best I feel. Good luck to you sir, I wish you nothing but the best.

Rocky, right when I thought I had seen it all, I realize that I haven’t even come close. After your two previous experiences in the galley, why would you think that you could replace Ben in the galley for the last and most important meal of the charter? You should have kept your focus on learning from Ben, who was taking the time to try and teach you. You make a huge scene when Leon leaves and totally disrupt the yacht with your antics. Then when you have no allies left you decide to inform Emile of your tryst with Eddie, getting him riled up and once again bring the center of attention to you. You cry to Emile, you cry to Amy, and to anyone who will give you the time of day. I felt that your apologies were not sincere at all. So when Emile, Eddie, and Amy were in your quarters, Kate brought the only voice of reason to this insane scenario when she said, “Who cares, it happens, get over it, and don’t ruin the evening for everyone else.” But that didn’t happen either. Once you arrived at the party, it became the Rocky show all over again. It was not how I envisioned our last night as a crew to go down. I hope that you have learned some life lessons from this season that you have spent with us, and that your life gets much less complicated. I feel it will if you will get out of your own way, as I have told you before in some of our conversations. Good luck to you.

Eddie, I agree with you when you said this was not your finest season on any level. You really were carrying around some baggage that got in your way. You seemed hell bent on shooting yourself in the foot at every turn. The whole ordeal with Rocky kind of says it all. There are a whole host of lessons that can be learned from that experience. I hope that you have turned the corner in both your personal and professional life. You have so much to offer on both fronts, and as I told you at the campfire, it’s not what happened in the past that counts. You can’t ever go back, but what does matter is what you do moving forward. And that will be what defines you as a person. We will always be friends, and when you need something, just ask and I will do whatever I can to help you.

Eddie Admits to Cheating with Rocky

David, what a breath of fresh air right when I needed it most. I can’t thank you enough for coming to the rescue. You jumped right in and helped out in so many ways. Your positive attitude was a pleasure to be exposed to again. You did your job without complaints, fit right in with the crew, helped out in all departments without being asked. And you did all this right when we needed it. So I thank you sir and look forward to possibly working with you again. It would be my pleasure to have you aboard.

Amy, what can I say? This was your best season yet. You just sparkled all the way through. You and Kate worked so well together and got along well with each other. I know that you had second thoughts about working with Kate, but you put on your pro face and got the job done with style and grace as always. I was very happy to see you and Kate put your differences aside and truly get along as friends. It was very nice to see. You did your best with Rocky and Leon and your efforts did not go unnoticed at all. It’s a pleasure to work with you and I would be proud to have you in my crew any day. Thanks so much.

Last but certainly not least, Connie. You applied yourself so well this season. You took direction from Eddie, stayed above the fray, and it paid off for you. I couldn’t be happier for the way things went for you this season. I would love to work with you again as it was a pure pleasure to have you on board. Thanks, Kate, for bringing us this gem. I owe you one.

Connie Gets an Offer She Can't Refuse...

So there you have it, my thoughts on this season. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed being a part of it. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support and hope you were happy with the results. I will be back for the reunion show, which I can promise you will not be boring by any stretch of the imagination. So until then, fair winds and calm seas to you all.

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