An Island Full of Cats is Begging Ed Sheeran to Come Visit

An Island Full of Cats is Begging Ed Sheeran to Come Visit

Listen, some people love Ed Sheeran, and those people are cats.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Sometimes, we like to play a game called “Guess who has the most listeners on Spotify this month?” The rankings turn over regularly, and the top performers vary depending on the popularity of current singles and streaming in general. It’s a fun game*.

*if you have nothing else going on, which we clearly don’t.

Anyway, we were shocked to discover that Ed Sheeran was number one three months ago. And then number one two months ago. Then he missed a month because of Despacito and now he’s back to number one again. This chart domination has led us to loudly ask “WHO IN THE WORLD IS LISTENING TO ED SHEERAN THIS MUCH?”

We have our answer, and it’s a bunch of Japanese cats.

The feline inhabitants of Ainoshima, Japan have released a viral video with the hopes of getting their all-time favorite performer—Ed Sheeran—to come visit their tiny island when he tours their country this October. 

Their video features a bunch of island kitties staring off into the ocean as they listen to “Shape of You.” Then they plea:

Dear Mr. Ed Sheeran,

Did you know that there is a cat Island in Japan?

It’s called Ainoshima.

It’s a tiny, tiny island and the size can’t even be compared to Ireland!

The cats are care-free and full of life.

At times they fight and yet have so much love for one another.

They are enjoying life while being surrounded by the beautiful sea and mountains.

We would love for you to visit our island. Over 100 cats are eagerly waiting for you!

P.S. The cats love their afternoon naps! We recommend visiting the island during the mornings or evenings.

Good luck with that, kitties! Maybe next time you could team up with some Cats On The Hill?

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